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Ladies I think it’s time we put the same consideration into the men we allow in our lives that an employer puts into a prospective employee.

When an employer is interviewing/considering a prospective employee for a job, the employer usually does a background check that includes a criminal and credit check; at a minimum, a reference check is done. If the prospective employee fails, chances are high they are not going to be hired for that position. Hmmm… after pondering on that, Ladies how many times have we dated men that have thrown hints or were very direct and told us of their bad track record in relationships and with women. If we were to think like an employer and say hey this guys references/track record is bad, therefore, I’m not hiring him for my job or to use it in an analogy to relationships… I’m NOT hiring him to occupy MY TIME, HEART, and ENERGY… I’m not interested in hiring him to be my RELATIONSHIP PARTNER…We might have saved ourselves a world of trouble and heartbreak. No employer will hire someone who is a liar, a cheat, unsure of what he wants, unsure of his intentions, unsure if he will stick around for long, not dependable, etc… SO WHY DO WE???

Okay well… so he says you are different… you bring out the best in him…you make him wanna be a better man. Well alright then! lol Sure people change and sure people deserve chances in some cases… In cases like that I encourage you to remember this…

Some employers hire their employees under what’s called a probationary period, that typically lasts a minimum of 90 days. If during that probationary period, the employee displays behavior that doesn’t align with the requirements and expectations of the employer, that employee is gone! What if we adopted a 90 day probationary period for the men that swear it’s gonna be different with us or swear they’ve changed. Instead of dragging false hope along for years, lets X these brothers out in 90 days!!! if they have proven they are not deserving of us. And if you feel he had some potential, tell him he’s welcome to reapply for the position when he meets the qualifications. NEXT! And ladies…some employers don’t offer/give employees ‘benefits’ during their probationary period. (marinate on that for a minute lol)

Does anyone remember Aretha’s song that says “if you want a do right woman, you gotta be a do right man.” I see so many “do right women, with do WRONG men”  The madness has got to stop. Cause ladies unless you put your foot down, you’re gonna live another Aretha song, CHAIN OF FOOLS and wind up being “another link in that mans chain of fools.”

2020 is approaching… let’s do things differently…one day at a time. You encounter someone that doesn’t meet what you know you deserve, tell that negro “chil’ please,” and ladies keep it moving.

To be continued… Peace

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