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Mother and Daughter Accused of Stealing Crab Legs

I never quite understood people's obsession with crab legs lol Maybe I haven't had the right ones. Memphis Police report Felicia Hollins and her daughter...

Woman Scammed Out of $50,000 By Man She Met Online

The Morning Journal is reporting an Ohio woman was defrauded out of more than $50,000 by a man she met online. The woman met...

Ohio Former Judge Pleads Guilty to Killing Wife

In 2015 Judge Lance Mason appeared in an Ohio courtroom to plead guilty to one count of attempted felonious assault and one count of...

Georgia Woman Drops and Kills Her Baby While Fighting

26-year-old Karen Lashun Harrison has been charged with the murder of her three-month-old son after she allegedly dropped the infant while getting into a...

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March Read: The Four Agreements

March 2019 Book Club: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. In the best selling book, The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz gives four principles...

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MSK Watch Party: Woman Admits to 6 Year Long Affair in 12 Year Marriage

Season 2, Episode 93 - Robinson v. Fuller: The paternity of an Ohio woman's son is doubt following a six-year affair.

MSK Watch Party: Woman Claims Baby Was Switched At Birth

Season 3, Episode 101 - Barlow v. Winslow

Woman Who Left Boy on Texas Doorstep Defends Herself: ‘It Wasn’t Like That’

Remember the story about the woman who left her friends child on the wrong doorstep? If not, read about it here. Well she sat...

MSK Watch Party: Man Says Baby Is Too Light To Be His

Season 2, Episode 105 - Bido v. Bolton: A man believes his girlfriend's baby is not his because the baby's skin is too light.

Woman Orders $1,600 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies From Daughter’s Troop and Refuses to Pay

Noel Hines, 31, was arrested and charged with theft. Hines allegedly accepted a large order for Girl Scout cookies to sell for her daughter’s...

One-eyed Klansman Befriends and Brutally Murders Black Woman

A Missouri family is in mourning after the murder of a beloved family member and mother. MeShon Cooper, 43, was a mother, who suffered...

Man Shot In Heading While Trying To Stop Man From Assaulting His Girlfriend

In "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED" news... Thomas Rushworth was shot in the head while trying to protect a woman whose boyfriend was beating her. Deshawn...