Prayer w/o Works is DEAD!


Frederick Douglass once said, “I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” For 20 years he was a slave. A slave yearning and praying for freedom. But freedom didn’t come until he took action. I repeat, until he took action.

How many us are praying for freedom from soul draining jobs, soul draining relationships, even our soul-draining selves (self-defeating thoughts, self-limitations, self-doubts). Well I come to you baring good news and bad news… Let’s do the bad news first. If you continue to pray, complain, and dwell on the things you don’t like…expect your situation to remain the same. BUT if you continue to pray, exalt gratitude rather than complaints, and move your legs, meaning take ACTION… freedom will come. God answers prayers and he will present new doors of opportunity. Stop trying to figure out how you can successfully both sit on the sofa watching tv in that old house (while time passes you and your dreams by) AND walk through new doors of opportunity. It’s impossible! In order to move to a new place you must leave the old place.

  • You want a new job? Spend less time complaining about your current one, and spend more time applying for new jobs and networking.
  • You want a meaningful healthy relationship? Stop being someone’s booty call.
  • You want wealth? Save and invest your money and stop over-drawing your bank account on Jordan’s, weave, and expensive things that you can barely pronounce or let alone spell.

I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.